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Sometimes we need to skip the worker via adctrl then we can use the below steps to do the same.

  • Run adctrl utility
  • We can only see option till 7 in the main menu. But there is an 8th option that is hidden.
  • Use option 8 to skip a failed worker. Enter 8 and the worker will be skipped.

AD Controller Menu

1.    Show worker status
2.    Tell worker to restart a failed job
3.    Tell worker to quit
4.    Tell manager that a worker failed its job
5.    Tell manager that a worker acknowledges quit
6.    Restart a worker on the current machine
7.    Exit

Enter your choice [1] : 8


Thank You !!


AC-50480: Internal error occurred: java.lang.Exception: Error while generating listener.ora


Encounter the following error when running autoconfig on the Application  Tier.


Updating s_tnsmode to ‘generateTNS’
UpdateContext exited with status: 0
AC-50480: Internal error occurred: java.lang.Exception: Error while generating listener.ora.
Error generating tnsnames.ora from the database, temporary tnsnames.ora will be generated using templates
Instantiating Tools tnsnames.ora
Tools tnsnames.ora instantiated
Web tnsnames.ora instantiated exiting with status 2
.end std out.


There is no information in the table FND_NODES for the database node. Which means that autoconfig has not executed on the Database Tier.
First need to run autoconfig on the database tier to populate the database node values in FND_NODES table then run autoconfig on Application Tier.

please execute the following steps:

1. Loging to as oracle user and perform the below steps
sqlplus apps/$apps
exec fnd_conc_clone.setup_clean

2. Run on db node.

3. Run on apps node.

Thank You !!