R12.2 ERROR Exit Code 255

when attempting to run perl appsTier, the following error occurs:


Log file located at /local/FDEV/fs2/inst/apps/FDEV_lapdev01/admin/log/clone/ApplyAppsTier_05301531.log
– 50% completed
ERROR while running Apply…
Fri May 30 17:37:39 2014
ERROR: Failed to execute /fs02/app/FDEV/apps/fs2/EBSapps/comn/clone/bin/



The admin server logs are located under:
$EBS_DOMAIN_HOME/servers/AdminServer/logs directory /var/tmp/.ovdlock.tmp (Permission denied)
Caused By: JPS-02592: Failed to push ldap config data to libOvd for service instance “idstore.ldap” in JPS context “default”, cause: /var/tmp/.ovdlock.tmp (Permission denied)

This is caused by the file “/var/tmp/.ovdlock.tmp” having been created by another test iteration by a different UNIX user.
The current clone cannot succeed because the file cannot be over-written.


1. Rename or delete the file:
$ mv /var/tmp/.ovdlock.tmp /var/tmp/.ovdlock.tmp.bak

2. Restart the clone command:
$ perl appsTier


Thank You !!

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