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Connect to Oracle Cloud Database Server using SSH

1. Login to

2. Click on Dashboard -> Services -> Database

3. Click on Instance

4. Find out the PUBLIC IP ADDRESS from Instance overview.

5. Configure SSH PUTTY connectivity as below:

Provide Public IP Address:

Provide default username “opc” -> Under Connection -> data

Click on SSH -> AUH, Please provide saved private key location. which was asked you to save private key in previous post generate public and private keys.

6. Click on open, now you will connect to the Server:

As you connected to default user “opc”, please sudo to oracle user and access the database.

Thank you !!


Creating Single Instance Database in Oracle Cloud


Login to Oracle cloud ( by providing Identity Domain, you will see following Dashboard console:

Cloud creat1

Click on create Instance and database:

Cloud create2

Click on Custom:

Cloud create3

Provide instance name, DB Software version and other details…

Cloud create4

Provide DB Name and other details as below, Most important upload ssh public key which can be generated using puttygen Generate Public and Private Keys using PuTTYgen, save respective private key which can be used to connect server once after the configuration.

Please provide username and password when you are planning to use cloud storage container for backups.

Cloud create5

Double check the provided configuration before click on create database

Cloud create6

Database creation and configuration takes a while to complete the process and there you go..

Cloud create7

Thank you !!