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Deploy Application using WEBLOGIC ADMIN Console

1. Login to Admin console http://hostname:7001/console

2. Go to Deployments under Domain structure. Click on deployments.
Click on “Lock&Edit” under change center.


3. Click on install:


4. Browse the location where the war/ear file placed on the server and check the radio button.


5. Check the radio button, Install this deployment as an Application.

There are cases we may need to install libraries to support application, in such cases we will choose other library option.


6. Select deployment target


7. Check the radio button where our deployment file existed and click on Finish.


8. Finish the process, save the changes and Activate it.

Now Start the Deployment which is in prepared state, Go to deployments, click on control, click ‘Start’ button. Select ‘Servicing all requests’. Click Yes to continue.


Now the Deployment state comes to ACTIVE status.

Thank you !!