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ICS: Which Bugs Are Fixed In 18.3.3



Useful Oracle Document:

ICS: Which Bugs Are Fixed In 18.3.3? (Doc ID 2425178.1)

ICS 18.3.3 Bug Fixes

1. Bug 27903791 – Consider User specified/Default Timezone in Preferences while running Scheduled Orchestrations

2. Bug 27362036 – Design-time Performance Improvements while working with very large Integrations

3. Bug 28316295 – Two Way SSL Support in REST Adapter

4. Bug 28308929 –  Gzip Support in FTP Adapter

5. Bug 28274350 – Enable User to specify Schedule Parameter with or without quotes

6. Bug 28266402 – Retain state of the schedule when importing a schedule driven integration flow into OIC from ICS

7. Bug 28266395 – Payload Trace/Logging setting not being honored when activating an integration flow with a new minor version

8. Bug 28246985 – Changing the Security type after Importing an Integration with REST/Oauth Client credentials based Connection does not work

9. Bug 28168603 – On execution of a outbound SAP Adapter flow using IDOC interface,TID is not being returned in response.

10. Bug 28164267 – Unintended line breaks introduced at runtime in payloads when using literal result element based mappings in the Mapper

11. Bug 28127472 – ERP Adapter design-time throws “The application has encountered an unexpected error”

12. Bug 28032110 – Audit trail of Global fault displays ‘Resource messageID ‘UF_NAME_EH’ not found in resource bundle EhStop’ when Database down

13. Bug 28025831 – Misleading Alert Notifications strongly advising the user to initiate manual purge of the data

14. Bug 28017414 – Handle Exclamation characters in JSON Keys in JSON samples

15. Bug 28011838 – Issue Consuming ICS Integration with complex request payload from PCS

16. Bug 28325374 – Do not mask the underlying errors when returned to caller in Lookups

17. Bug 27932827 – Updated values in Lookups not reflected at runtime due to Cache issues

18. Bug 28082314 – Unable to find the Lookup due to MDS Issues

19. Bug 28181446 – REST API call to Fusion Applications fails with SSLException


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Advertisements Message not received within 240 seconds of wait interval



ICS runtime execution error Failed with following error message:

ICS runtime execution error</summary></part><part name=”detail”><detail><detail><errorCode>OSB-380001</errorCode><ICSfaultVar/><reason> Message not received within 240 seconds of wait interval.:Application Error

  1. Integrations created with DB Connection(with Agent) are getting stuck in Running state.
  2. DBAgent call got stuck.

Issue is due to the DB call got stuck on Agent due to some issue on Query or DB.


  1. Check the query used and see what is the response time. Connection from ICS to agent has timeout of 240 seconds and calls should return before this time. Make changes to your query / stored procedure to respond quicker which should help address the issue.
  2. Try restart the Agent server to clear any stuck threads.

If the issue continue to occur, please contact Oracle Support for further review.


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